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EVENT: Cooking from Sara’s Shopping Bag
VENUE: Cara’s Apartment, Park Slope
TYPE: Weekday Fare
MENU: Edamame Succotash, Sweet Tomato Grilled Cheese

Last week, in honor of our new banner, we asked you to list four items from your current shopping bag, real or hypothetical. Not surprisingly, in this late-summer abundance, many readers listed some combination of seasonal fruits and vegetables: zucchini, corn, tomatoes, eggplant, figs, peaches, and beets. Though we’re honoring one particular reader’s bag, as per the rules, we hope that all of you with fresh summer produce can find something to cook in the recipes

Recipe Flash: Red Flannel Hash

Posted by on Wednesday Aug 26th, 2009

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

As the season would have it, many commenters listed beets as their ingredient of choice in last week’s shopping bag challenge. While I was cruising the internet for some inspiration, I came across a recipe for red flannel hash. Now, mind you, the dish is usually a staple of cold winter months. But I was attracted nonetheless, and felt if I could, say, put a seasonal spin on it—adding blue potatoes and the white of a beautifully fried egg—it might just be suitable for summer.

From my kitchen, albeit small, …

Food52: ReciprocityReciprocity: Big Girls, Small Kitchen
By Helen

“At Big Girls, Small Kitchen: A Guide to Quarter Life Cooking, friends Phoebe and Cara catalogue the cooking they do for both lavish dinner parties, and evenings alone at home. They share an interesting mix of recipes, from favorites like Panzanella and Gingersnaps, to more experimental cooking, like what to do when faced with an abundance of kohlrabi. Most recently, they created a Southeast Asian summer menu inspired by Cara’s sister. Check them out- there’s always something interesting happening on the site!”

Read the full article here.

EVENT: Saturday Night Barbecuing
VENUE: Cara’s Mother’s House, Long Island
MENU: Eggplant with Sweet Sesame Soy; Lettuce Wraps with Cod and Condiments

Jill, my older sister, is not as culinarily disposed as the rest of my family. She likes cooking now more than she used to, but where the rote parts of making a meal—cutting, mixing, and stirring—provide me an entrance into a nearly meditative state, for her, they are a little dull. For whatever reason, she does seem to enjoy cleaning up the kitchen after we’ve made a feast that uses every

DISH: Steamed Vegetables in Curry Sauce
TYPE: Working with What You Have

Sometimes, when I’m in the mood to feel pampered, I’ll take my mother up on her offer to get me some farmers’ market vegetables when she’s out shopping for her own. Though this is a luxury, it also come with some risks. Recently, when I requested “cucumbers, tomatoes, and some greens,” I received cucumbers, tomatoes, and a bunch of kohlrabi, three purplish bulbs with long leafy stems. I had been expecting kale, Swiss chard, or arugula, so I’ll admit I was a little taken back

DISH: Guacamole
MAIN INGREDIENTS: Avocado, Cilantro, Lime

I think with perhaps the exception of a fried egg, guacamole is the dish I’ve made the most in my lifetime. It started as a summer tradition with my mother, but slowly, as I began honing my tricks of the trade in kitchens beyond my mom’s—entertaining friends in high school, college, and beyond—I discovered that mashed-up avocado is a foolproof and simple crowd pleaser. Even at parties where I’ve stuck my nose up at the host’s bland, under-spiced, under-seasoned attempts, the bowl of guac would still be licked clean by the end

We hope very much that you get sick of summer squash‘s ridiculously plentiful bounty before you get sick of us blogging about it. Still, before you write us off as overdoing it (there’s chips, saut ées, and cake, already we know), we offer up this simple pasta, in which the grated summer squash (from Cara’s shopping bag) has a rich, melt-in-your-mouth quality, only bettered by the addition of butter—rather than olive oil—garlic, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. It is truly very good.